About us

Amica Educa was founded in 1996 by a group of experts in the field psychosociology as a foreign nongovernmental organization "Amica Schweiz". In 1999, our organization was registered as a local organization based in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our organization was initially established to help women and children traumatized during the war. Over the years, it has developed into a center for empowerment, providing educational and psychosocial services to citizens of Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through various activities, Amica Educa has direct positive effect on the mental and social health of citizens in our community. It focuses on the promotion and the improvement of mental and social health, as well as on the prevention and treatment of mental health problems., Our organization contributes to overcoming the deficiencies of formal education through non-formal education, improving social inclusion of marginalized groups and social equality.

The principles of gender equality and lifelong learning are incorporated into all our project activities. This contributes to the empowerment of individuals, primarily women and children, within the family, society and labor market.

Amica Educa operates in accordance with the signed Code of Ethics for Civil Society Organizations in BiH and the Child Protection Policy.


Empowered individuals make social changes.


Amica Educa is non-profit, non-party organisation that improves mental and social health of all society members, through prevention, education and treatment. Amica Educa actively works on improvement of the position of women. Within its programs Amica Educa respects principles of human rights and life-long learning.

Main goal

Improving community members' quality of life by improving their social and professional interactions.

  • Expected outcome 1 - Improved mental health of all members of society and improved professional skills of professionals / assistants through psychoeducation, counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Expected outcome 2 - Improved socio-economic position of women and families through psychoeducation, psycho-training based on empowerment, business and social skills training and group and individual counseling.
  • Expected outcome 3 - Improved position of Amica Educa in the health, social and economic sector.