After Empowered - EMPOWERED

Amica Educa Association continues to provide the project "Empowered - Active in the Labor Market" to long-term unemployed women aged 30 to 45 at all levels of education, registered at the Employment Service of Tuzla Canton. The project is very successful and continually receives much postive feedback. Here are some examples:

"Years ago I was feeling helpless, overwhelmed and discouraged. I did many things that made me exhausted, because I thought I needed to do them; that is how things should be done. I knew I needed help and support, but I did not have anyone to turn to. When I heard about Empowered, I decided to sign up - though at first I did not have high expectations. That was a new start for me.

Initially, I felt guilty doing this for myself, because I felt that there are "much more important things" in life. Over time, during the workshop exercises, I realized that others can only benefit if I care and nurture myself. At the workshops, I found trust, appreciation and acceptance in the group, no matter where we came from and how we were currently feeling. The lecturers were women I wanted to continue to meet with and learn from. They were gentle, confidential, and they infused us with strength and security.

After Empowered - EMPOWERED, I'm working on myself without any remorse and I enjoy it. And I'm incredibly greatful for that gift! Now I'm looking forward to every new day, whatever it brings. I set limits. I want to happily spend the rest of my life, with some purpose, because I believe life is a miracle. I put the focus on what I want, I have and I can. Advice for future participants: Come and strengthen yourself! Engage and accept yourself regardless of your current situation! And prepare to be happy - because you will have many reasons to be!"