Breaking the silence on gender based violence

Project description

During first two years, project activities covered two rural elementary schools (Kiseljak and Bukinje) with over 500 school children and work with 20 young professionals of helping disciplines who received additional education for work with school children on this topic. Training of volunteers, puppet play, forum plays, psycho-educative workshops, sports day and exhibit of school children’s art work on this topic are just some of the activities used to make this topic more accessible for school children. Aside from education on sex, gender and gender equality, dialogue was opened between boys and girls on traditional norms and expectations of the society the live in, ways that those norms contribute to the gender based violence and possibilities for changes.

During the third year of the project, project activities covered two high schools (in Tuzla and Lukavac) with over 700 school children and work with 4 young professionals who received additional education for work with kschool children on this topic. Within the project 6 day training and regular supervision was organized for 20 peer counselors from both high schools for work with peers on the topic of Gender Based Violence in Intimate Relationships of Youth which consisted of two topics: Gender Based Violence and Interpersonal Skills. Project activities are included training volunteers, training of peer counselors, forum play and psycho-educative workshops.