Creative expressive painting

Creative Expressive Painting is a method of non-verbal expression of feelings, needs, subconscious needs or various states of the subconscious inner world. It is a particularly effective way to express experiences a participant may not be willing or ready to talk about. By using painting as a medium, participants experience the unlimited creative power and creative expression, which inevitably leads to psychological relief. This is a group method applied in a standing position and within a specially equipped art studio.

The process of painting is as important as the result (the painting) that eventually emerges. Most importantly, the painting expresses and contains emotional and communicative value, not aesthetic value. Through painting, the participant conveys her/his inner world to the outside world. The key to creative expression is based on overcoming the boundaries between the inner and outer experience, and allowing spontaneous expression of energy in the present moment, without design or purpose. Confronting oneself through expressing one's own feelings through painting is a form of self-help. Painting (with professional guidance) can be a means of self-discovery, developing one's own personality, creativity and a form of relaxation and gathering new energy.

This workshop does not require any prior knowledge nor talent, but the participants should be open and willing to change and to work on themselves. Unlike speech, a painting or a drawing is a permanent record of the internal process and we can always go back to it over and over again.