Dances of universal peace

Dances of Universal Peace are a combination of dance - simple body movements and singing spiritual, sacred words - mantras from all known religions of the world. This method evokes a feeling of unity and compassion, and the participants feel empowered physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The dances take place in groups in which each participant is encouraged and led through her/his own development process. The emphasis is on a high level of active participation from everyone, regardless of their abilities and skills. The focus is on achieving feelings of togetherness and mutual respect, and not on the technical performance of dance steps.

Participants of Dances of Universal Peace workshops acquire a knowledge about the world's religions, cultures and customs, but they also develop self-esteem and self-confidence, a capacity to cope with life's difficulties thus improving their mental and social health. The feeling of unity, intimacy, satisfaction, awareness about self-worth are the main effects of this workshop. By teaching about the diversity of world religions, Dances of Universal Peace develops tolerance, intercultural and inter-religious understanding and provides an active contribution to overall peace.