Empowered - Active In The Labor Market Project

Project description

Association Amica Educa from July 2017, in cooperation with the Employment Service of Tuzla Canton is implementing Empowered - Active in the Labor Market project.

During the first year of the project two groups of women will attend 12 education in 3 areas; Digital Literacy Training, Personal Skills Workshops and Business Skills Training. Work of each group will last 6 months and group consists of 12 unemployed women.

Project goal is lowered unemployment of women aimed at improvement of gender equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina through inclusion of women into process of lifelong learning and active participation in highly computerized society.

Specific project goal: Unemployed women raised their competitiveness in the labor market and opportunities for self-employment.

In 2017, the Project was funded by the partner organization Amica Schweiz and DVV International, Bosnia and Herzegovina Office.

In 2018 and 2019, funding of this project was continued by the partner organization Amica Schweiz.