Excercising my rights - respecting other people's rights

Project description

Amica Educa Association led the project „Excercising My Rights - Respecting Other People's Rights“ from May to December 2018.

The project included: selection, education and engagement of 10 volunteers as project staff, educated during 20 days of workshops; 2 full days of training/education for 38 Miladije and Solana schools employees; two puppet shows for 245 1st to 4th grade pupils from Miladije Elementary School and Solana District School; two forum presentations on gender relations and children's rights for 270 5th to 9th grade pupils from Miladije and Solana; 5 educational workshops with students from 1st to 5th grade in Miladije Elementary School;38 psycho-educational and creative workshops for 12 children; and marking Children's Week with workshop titled "I Represent My Rights and Respect Other People's Rights" for 21 children in the Catholic School Center "Sveti Franjo" Tuzla.

Project funding was provided by the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy and Return of Tuzla Canton and Amica Schweiz from Switzerland.