Family Group Conferences, innovative model of work with families, are being developed in Tuzla since 2016 by Association Amica Educa. The goal of this Psychological Counseling activity is improvement of the support and services system for the families, through empowerment of families as decision makers in the process of resolving issues.

Family Group Conference include organization of family meeting within the family circle and wider family network (friends of parents and children, relatives, neighbors, professionals and others). It is recommended by the professionals, working at the Association Amica Educa, Center for Social Work or schools, who are specifically trained to use this model in work with families. During the meeting, family uses its own resources and takes responsibility for resolving a specific family issue.

Family Group Conference consists of three phases:

  • Phase I – Informational part (which is, aside from the person who recommended the model and the family, attended by other representatives of institutions and or organizations that can give significant contribution to resolution of the family issue),
  • Phase II – Family Time (attended by only family members and wider social network; who provide their opinions, participate in creating family plan and all take a certain role in it),
  • Phase III – Family Plan (when all meeting participants agree on a plan, it is written down and presented to the person who recommended the Family Group Conference so they can verify whether the plan is realistic, in accordance with the laws and in the best interest of all of the family members).

After meeting is held several members of the family are identified for the follow up; in order to track implementation of the Plan two months after it is presented.