Physical exercise

Physical exercise workshops are offered twice a week and are intended for middle-aged women and the elderly. Physical exercise promotes motor and functional characteristics of the body, improves health, prevents disease, raises the energy level in the body and improves the overall quality of physical health. The effects of regular physical exercise is also reflected in the reduction and prevention of stress, alleviating depressive states and the improvement of mental abilities. In addition, the effectiveness of the group lies in the interconnectedness of the participants, and the importance of social contacts which are hereby formed, which inevitably affects the improvement of social health.

Spirituality Workshops

Through weekly group work sessions, participants of these workshops learn and apply a variety of exercises that are related to the methods of Dances of Universal Peace, Reiki, Energy Healing, etc.. After a regular use of these exercises, participants begin to develop creative spontaneity, an ability to have a holistic approach to various issues and difficulties that arise in their lives. There is a physical, mental and emotional healing, and an increase in awareness of the importance of achieving psycho-physical balance to have a healthy personality.