Multipliers of modern approaches to psychosocial and pedagogical work

Project description

This project was conducted from 2010 to 2015. It focused on educating and empowering professionals about modern approaches to working with and empowering unemployed women, and psycho-educational work with Roma.

The idea was to "multiply" our efforts: By training these professionals, they in turn would impact even more people by applying what they learned. On an annual basis, the project included: providing career training to 80 professionals from the helping disciplines in one or more of 5 offered seminar topics, training 12 unemployed women to help them acquire knowledge and skills necessary to successfully find and keep a job, offering psycho-educational workshops for 15 Roma children and 15 Roma women living in the Kiseljak settlement. The focus was to improve their personal capacities, social functioning within their families and local communities, and helping them protect and promote their human rights.