Music therapy with drums

Music therapy with drums is a set of methods in which music, sound and rhythm serve as the primary means of establishing communication with the world around us. It is used for preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes as well as to stimulate psycho-physical and spiritual development. The sound of drums acts as an anti-stress treatment which leads to relaxation, and changes the participants' focus from external events to their internal state. . Alternating rhythmic blows to the drum aligns the right and left brain hemispheres, which connects the intellect and the intuition. The drums produce one of the most powerful effects and bypass the traditional and the modern, the individual and the social.

Within this psycho-education workshop, all of the elements of music through singing, playing and dancing are used. The participants learn and master the techniques of music therapy, relaxation and breathing. They are encouraged to use these techniques in daily life and work to achieve better results in working with children and adults and to more effectively cope with stress and private and professional difficulties in private and professional life. Topics covered during the training include: communication, adequate expression of emotions, positive self-image, confidence in oneself and others, the importance of life goals, teamwork and elements of music. Through these topics, participants get to know themselves, their reactions, suppressed emotions, ways to better communicate and improve their relationships with others, as well as different types of relaxation techniques.

With the help of theoretical and practical exercises, these interactive workshops make a significant contribution to building trust within a group and active participation of the participants. Expression of emotions and energy through singing or playing an instrument has healing effects on the participants who are introduced to music and themselves in a new, spontaneous and creative way.