Personal and business skills

Personal and Business Skills workshops are intended for unemployed women. The aim is to improve participants' knowledge, social competencies and key skills required for active job searching, as well as how to better manage in the contemporary work environment. Knowledge, skills and competencies provided to participants to increase their competitiveness when applying for new jobs, facilitate the communication process and contribute to their motivation and activism within the community.

Workshops educate participants about: Negotiations (improving speech and content understanding, conscious use of certain forms of argumentation and negotiation concepts), moderation of meetings (preparation, implementation and evaluation of the moderation cycle), conflict resolution (understanding conflict, its course and how to influence the outcome). Special attention is given to preparing participants for job interviews. The aim is to increase awareness of their own behavior during the interview and providing techniques for overcoming lack of confidence in conversation.

After each module, participants are tested, and after passing three tests, participants are awarded an Xpert Personal Business Skills Certificate issued by the European Xpert Personal Business Skills Center from Germany. Training and testing of the participants is organized according to the standards developed by the Xpert Personal Business Skills Centre from Germany, thus ensuring the validity of the training implemented by Amica Educa and the recognition of the certificates within European Union countries.