Who are our psychoeducational workshops intended for?

Our psychoeducational workshops are intended for anyone interested in her/his own personal growth and development, in advancing her/his knowledge, in improving her/his skills and competencies, and generally improving her/his quality of life. Our psychoeducational seminars and workshops are geared toward the helping professions such as psychologists, therapists, teachers, social and health workers, etc., as well as other professionals working in similar fields.

How are the psychoeducational workshops organized?

The basic level of psychoeducation within each topic is offered at least once a year. The workshops are organized into three modules - each module consists of 3 to 4 half day sessions. Advanced psychoeducation sessions are organized in thematic modules consisting of 2 to 3 half day sessions.

The Educators

Our psychoeducational workshops are led by people with formal education, additional professional training relevant to their area of expertise, and extensive experience in conducting educational programs for adults.


After completing the 3 basic modules, participants are issued a Basic Education Certificate of Completion. Amica Educa's education program is implemented according to recommendations from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Tuzla Canton No. 09/3-3591309SS dated April 28th, 2009.

Plan for 2019.

Download New Plan for Psychoeducational workshops for 2019.