Psychosocial therapy for traumatized orphans

Project description

This project was implemented in 2006 and was aimed at providing psychosocial assistance to children who had lost one or both parents and their mothers / guardians in the refugee settlements in Tinja, Špionica and Mihatovići.The main aim of the project was to support and strengthen the beneficiaries through techniques for facilitating and overcoming trauma and PTSD.

For the purposes of group work and support for children, we established a cooperation with the Primary School „Tinja“ in Tinja. In their facilities, Amica Educa equipped an art studio and implemented the psycho-educational workshops for children. The psycho-educational and therapeutic work with single mothers was implemented with 4 groups of women.

This project involved a total of 76 users, and 56 sessions and workshops were provided, as well as 22 individual psychotherapeutic treatments.