Socio-economic empowerment of women

Socio-economic empowerment of women focuses on reducing the gender gap in private and public spheres. These activities focus on socio-economic empowerment of women, raising awareness about the traditional, patriarchal gender roles of men and women that contribute to inequality and discrimination.

Digital Literacy Training

Digital Literacy Training allows participants to learn IT basics; its goal is to empower marginalized unemployed women to become part of the informational world and have access to information related to communication, public and commercial services, job openings etc. In addition to knowledge, participants of the Digital Literacy Training also a receive computer skills certificate which they can use for job applications where a computer skills certificate is a requirement.

Psychoeducational Workshops

Psychoeducational Workshops are intended for the empowerment of (unemployed) women, providing them the opportunity to work on their self-confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and gender awareness. The goal of these workshops is to enable participants to become proactive individuals with clear employment goals. Psychoeducational Workshops develop motivation, personal and social competencies, ability to recognize and set personal boundaries, in addition to personal and professional promotion skills.

Gender Equality Workshops

Gender Equality Workshops are intended for all interested citizens and members of the institutional mechanisms for achieving gender equality. Interactive workshops cover topics, of sex and gender, gender equality, stereotypes and prejudices, discrimination, Gender Based Violence, institutional mechanisms and legal framework, The Law on Gender Equality and The Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. Current position of men and women in the labor market and Influence of gender and sex on mental health are also thematised.

Business Education

Business Education is aimed at motivating and reactivating unemployed women through active job searches or development of business ideas. The goal of the education is two-fold: 1) improvement of professional competencies and 2) lowering women’s unemployment and reducing the gender gap in the labor market. Education topics include: CV creation, identification and presentation of personal abilities, job interview simulation, basics of entrepreneurship, market research techniques, management and the organization, marketing and sales and creation of business plans.