The SOS phone line (00387 35 251666) is open to anyone faced with stress and/or crisis and/or who need some form of psychosocial support. The line is open every weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. The SOS phone line provides anonymity, trust and respect for diversity and the individual needs of each caller.

During SOS phone calls, our professional staff offers understanding and support to the callers, as well as the encouragement to face difficulties, and to independently find possible solutions. For those callers who might need additional psychotherapeutic help, that help is provided within the program of psycho-social support and by a trained psychotherapist. Depending on their needs, the callers are given information about other organizations and / or institutions that are competent and able to provide appropriate support. In highly critical situations, depending on the situation and evaluation, and in agreement with the caller, a social worker may establish contact with relevant institutions such as the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Center for Social Work, Center for Mental Health, etc.