Support to youth in conflict with the law

Project description

In January-June 2019, the Association Amica Educa, in partnership with the Community Service Center - PUŽ Tuzla, facilitated a project entitled „Support to Youth in Conflict with the Law“. Amica Educa Association designed and led 9 days of education for 15 professionals working with youth in conflict with the law. Concurrently, 10 workshop/sessions were facilitateded for 17 young men incarcerated in the Orašje Correctional Facility. The education and workshop material was based on the Nonviolent Communication model by Marshall Rosenberg.

A further outcome of this project is a manual entitled „Applying the Nonviolent Communication Model in the work with Youth in Conflict with the Law“. It contains the following sections: Theoretical review, scientific research, description of exercises and experiences from workshops / sessions with young men from CF Orašje.

The project's financier is the Margina Association - At-Risk Youth Empowerment Network (ARYSEN).