Tandem University - Amica Educa

Project description

This project was implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, University of Tuzla. It was structured to improve the formal higher education system by introducing creative methods in working with students, incorporating them into their practical training.

The workshop content was developed in cooperation with the university faculty and experts from Amica Educa.

Practical training in 'Creative Expressive Painting' was organized for third and fourth year university students, who attended the workshops as part of their regular studies.

Through workshops, the students were given the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and experience on the methods they could use in the future. Modern and creative approaches were used in practical trainings during this project, enabling the future professionals (students) to actively experience the learning process. These experiences presented new opportunities in approaching user personality problems as well as practical preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational approaches.

From 2006 to 2018, the project has included 446 upper level students from the Education and Rehabilitation Faculty, University of Tuzla.